Our Mission Statement

Joint Venture Advisors was created to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and accelerate their businesses. We do this by leveraging our years of experience owning and operating cannabis companies in multiple states so that our clients don’t have to experience the steep learning curve most new businesses face. Lets connect to see how we can help you.

Consultants you can count on

Integrity and efficiency are at the core of our business values. Our team has been working in the legal cannabis industry since 2015 and understands the importance of communication and working closely with our clients to deliver measurable results.

Build a brand that stands out amongst the competition
Create a customized business plan and strategy that will help attract investment
Complete a thorough local and state license application
Building design, build out and preparation for operational readiness
Assist in operations launch by helping with hiring, sourcing and developing tech stack
Scale and grow your company by optimizing operating and marketing procedures

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